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                                        Company History

                                        Entrepreneurial qualities is largely business qualities, in other words: the growth of enterprises is entrepreneurial growth course. Thus standing at a new historical starting point, let us work together to understand, summarize and share of the total and are forever grateful to the company's business history and successful experience.

                                        Mr. Xie Xiangjing, Fengjie people, Zhenyong founder and general manager are forever. The founder of a successful business, from the founders of the persistent pursuit of the dream, a strong desire for success, and put into practical action. After ten years of hard work and discipline, trials and hardships, so XieZongCheng for a prompt decision, playing safe, forge ahead, big heart, has a unique strategic vision, outstanding entrepreneurs superb courage and charm.

                                        The family conditions of the solution are backward, backward in childhood, not enough to eat, and well dressed. Although the childhood is hard, but also very happy, from an early age to learn carpentry, with clever, diligent thinking, good practice, enterprising spirit, very optimistic about his master, unreservedly all practical technology to teach him, he can use his knowledge quickly. But Xie Guozhong has always "walked poorer, people are poorer," and "the poor want to change," and decided to seize every opportunity to go out, wherever he went. After working in Guangdong in 1995, he finally entered the pattern of producing cloth in a large Taiwanese-funded factory. He began to work at the grass-roots level. Although his work has been suffering a lot, he got it by virtue of his spirit of "treating people with sincerity, studying diligently, working diligently". The leader of the company appreciated the recognition of him and his colleagues, and the company gave him room for improvement, gradually changing from industrial technology to senior management. However, in the process of work, although his ability to work, skilled, serious work, but still by great injustice, jealousy and exclusion, so the environment makes him "destroy" Meng Meng Meng's idea of starting a business.

                                        Like many successful people like to pursue a successful career with lofty ideals, in order to try and achieve their aspirations, start preparing, weaving their entrepreneurial dreams. 2001 with their entrepreneurial dreams, hesitate to leave the factory had six years of struggle, decided to use its own technology and industry experience to collaborate with the other three factories boss. To raise funds, Xie total four patchwork, and finally in 2003 formally established its first factory.

                                        After the establishment of the company, served as production manager Xie total duties partnership mechanism was imperfect, the market is not very mature, mistrust among the shareholders, during Xie also face the risk of total frustration or failure to cooperate with friends less than a year, the company struggling which a shareholder to propose withdrawal of shareholders to the divestment of just staggering walk "newborn" worse, a huge blow. However, such a heavy blow, not only enriched Xie total life experiences, but more honed and strengthened his will. With his dedication to the cause, with the spirit of hard work and simple, with "integrity management, quality first" philosophy, calm summarize, analyze the causes, see the bright prospects of the industry, resolutely decided to separate themselves dry to private-owned Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded are forever. During the official business are never overcome the difficulties, and finally, the effort pays off, after seventeen years of hard work, the company has gradually developed into a company has a certain size and very powerful.

                                        Facts have proved that success will belong to those who dare to face difficulties, brave, enterprising pioneers, Xie total of hard work finally paid off, really dug the life and career of "pot of gold."

                                        After 12 years of painstaking efforts, the company in order to have a better space for development, in 2009 to move plants from West Ring Road Houjie Town Hell Pit Road village, the production scale of a production line from the previous to the current twenty production line, and have their own weaving workshop. Production capacity has been further improved, the annual output reached more than 90 million yards, and lay a good foundation for future development. In 2010 the company was awarded the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certificate. The company is in a boom period of rapid development, with branches and several offices in Chengdu, Wenzhou, in Dongguan Da Ling Shan, China Suzhou, Anhui, Hubei Zigui other places. Products are sold throughout the country and overseas.

                                        Company under the overall leadership of Xie, Jinzun "people-oriented" business enterprise, adhere to the "argumentative is knowledge, innovation is invented" motto, and for many years with industry-leading production technology and complete R & D system, and actively build the whole supply chain the production model, the Chinese traditional shoe art and modern pop elements of integration, from change to respect, from advocacy to lead, from small to large market area, so that everyone has more of a healthy foot, more of a comfortable, more an environmentally friendly.

                                            In the continuous development, and actively nurturing society, return home, eager to public welfare donations in 2014 156,000 yuan (123,000 yuan to Chuk Yuen Village Chahe town Fengjie county disaster area, 23,000 yuan Wu Shan, Guangdong Fengjie Association Association 10,000 yuan), this positive returns owed the community, the company established a good social image. And a special interview by CCTV in October 2014.

                                           Looking forward to the future, Dongguan Next Industrial Co., Ltd. will always thank all the staff for their comprehensive leadership and joint efforts, the company continues to uphold the "integrity management, innovation and development, social returns" business philosophy, in a safe, green, healthy quality is the corner. The keynote of corporate survival is brand building. Actively create "high quality shoes suppliers" for the shoes industry more comfortable, healthier, greener, more forward, higher quality product transformation, leap-forward development to make greater contributions.

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