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                                        Low temperature hot melt adhesive Gangbao definition, classification, benefits, uses
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                                        First, talk about its definition definition:

                                        It is used in the heel to make the following point play, followed by a fixed role, a bit like the kind of materials used cardboard, rather hard, but at the time fixed gangbao and shoes will be used glue.

                                        Low temperature hot melt adhesive Gangbao definition, classification, benefits, uses


                                        Hong Kong Po according to material generally fall into three

                                        1) Paper pulp gangbao ----- mining soaking softening, this Hong Kong-based cowhide leather midsole material for the Po, also handmade leather shoes before softening law, currently trapped in traditional thinking Italian shoes, more use of such uneconomic Hong Kong Po.

                                        2) chemical film gangbao ----- mining soak solvent (toluene) softening; this gangbao dip solvent to soften, one of the footwear industry in recent years, the revolutionary shoe. Its features can be very soft for soaking solvent, forming the most beneficial shoes, do not add or strengthen any treatment, you can achieve the effect of stiffness after drying cooling, use more way for the shoe industry. Advantages: cheap, easy molding. Disadvantages: thick, long time elasticity worst shape.

                                        3) hot melt adhesive is heated and softened gangbao ----- mining law: the use of heating (about 100 degrees -120 degrees) way to make a pre-set pressure in front of the shoe lining location "hot melt adhesive" soften to facilitate lasting molding, advantages: Fast, thin, elastic than the average Hong Kong Po good Disadvantages: difficulty forming high heat is not easy to grasp.

                                        Another in the production of climbing shoes and safety shoes are also used iron sheets and other special materials to do for Hong Kong Po

                                        Instructions for use:

                                        PU sponge and leather insole material

                                        1, suitable solvents are toluene, acetone, butyl copper, methylene chloride, etc. can play a bridging function.

                                        2, can be directly connected dip stick solvent, the solvent can wipe with a brush dipped after both Jieneng play the best adhesion results

                                        3, as previously required to fit on the upper heel skin, apply the adhesive can be used yellow paste, brush back and forth evenly. Not too thick brush, and after it sets

                                        In stick together, easy to pack wind stripping.

                                        4, Hong Kong Po Water: Summer: 30% toluene, 70% fast-drying, the proportion of

                                        Winter: 20% toluene, 80% drying. Proportion

                                        5, Hong Kong Po into the upper two lumbar use toluene brush on gangbao making it easy to climb shoes, easy to fight wrinkles, less prone to corner. Hong Kong Po toluene lower edge should brush after it difficult angle characteristics of packets sent


                                        Low cost, easy to use.


                                        The glue is not environmentally toxic solvents such as toluene, hardness good, will wear after deformation.


                                        All footwear shoes, women's shoes, men's shoes, sports shoes, skates, etc.

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