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                                        Low temperature hot melt adhesive properties and uses what?
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                                        Low temperature hot melt adhesive is the largest amount of hot melt adhesive varieties advantage of this hot melt adhesive is strong adhesion, high film strength, good toughness, can meet heat and cold resistance requirements, and other additives compatibility is good, versatile, can adhere to many substrates of different nature, low melt viscosity, easy sizing, affordable.

                                        Low temperature hot melt adhesive main components, namely the basic resin is ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer formed under high pressure, which together with thickeners, viscosity modifiers, antioxidants, etc. made of hot melt adhesives. EVA is a hot melt adhesive without solvent, water-free, 100% solids meltable polymer, which is solid at room temperature, heated and melted to a certain extent, and there is certain to flow becomes a viscous liquid adhesive agent after melting translucent light brown or white.

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