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                                        Shaanxi Key cotton spinning enterprises discuss business situation this year
                                        Time:2017/9/11 13:58:12  Browse:

                                        Shaanxi Provincial Working Committee economy Cotton Association recently held a work is mainly focused on the textile business leaders meeting to discuss the work of this year's business situation.

                                        Participants believe that: the current situation is still grim cotton textile industry, a market problem, a labor problem is, companies must have sufficient knowledge and positive response. Meanwhile, industry associations should reflect the practical difficulties of enterprises to the parties concerned, to help companies weather the storm. Participants expect, Shaanxi Province Textile Industry Association, the industry self-regulation efforts must, in order to create a level playing field. For difficult at this stage, the participants agreed that it is necessary to practice corporate social responsibility, to break the routine in the labor management, improve productivity, adhere to normal production, to ensure the interests of workers affected; the second is to the product structure adjustment and energy saving in make efforts to avoid product homogeneity on an issue, improve market competitiveness; three is all enterprises according to their technical characteristics, to develop functional, specialty fiber production.

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