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                                        Industry News

                                        Cotton textile enterprises inventory available to around early October
                                        Time:2014/11/24 13:56:11  Browse:

                                        1, the current domestic cotton prices held steady in Pakistan, despite the re-opening after the holiday market trading volume is still low, FangQi spot purchases, Sindh cotton ginning factory delivery price of Rs day /maund(65.35-65.95 America 5350-5400 / lb), Punjab, about 5450 rupees / maund.

                                        2, showing a weak overall price trend of adjustment. Spot cotton market adjustment dominant, a merchant State Reserve Xinjiang cotton two transfer offer at 18,000 yuan / ton, the buyer much intention State Reserve took hold more recently to prepare for post-material mind.

                                        3, according to Cotlook (test Truk), ICE Cotton fell overnight, a stimulating effect on the market is weak. Chinese buyers continue to focus on US cotton, Bengal concern the recent shipment of cotton former CIS. West Africa has a new shipment of cotton in the first quarter turnover, Turkey, Brazil inquiry cotton shipments in the fourth quarter, but due to different buyers and sellers psychological level not traded.

                                        4, for now, the market focus is still concentrated in the production and supply side, the United States and India, a substantial increase in production output could continue to rise in the new year will make cotton under pressure, fund buying is difficult to be excited, the future cotton prices will remain weak pattern, Stay tuned for December contract 60-65 cents / lb sideways area.

                                        5, although cotton prices fell sharply for cotton producers less attractive, but the USDA continues to rise sharply due to US cotton production, while India is expected to cotton production is expected to exceed the previous year, new year supply of loose inhibit consumer buying, last Friday ICE cotton futures fell slightly, the main December contract fell 0.32 cents to 64.35 cents / lb, cotton continues the pattern of low volatility.

                                        6, the end of ChuBeiMian stop running and postpone new cotton market expectations, the market will make periodic supply is tight, which support the spot price of cotton, but cotton prices also subject to huge domestic stocks, shrinking demand and relatively low foreign cotton prices and other unfavorable factors, it is difficult to form a rising trend, January 1501 contract fell slightly shrinking turnover, reducing positions, is expected to rebound blocked recently, will be transformed into a weak down to adjust.

                                        7, imported cotton market in general, quoted in the mainstream of Indian cotton between 16200-16800 yuan / ton, depending on the quality gap is slightly different. Australian cotton SM 1-5 / 32 quoted in the 18,500 yuan / ton, the overall turnover is relatively poor.

                                        8, for most textile enterprises business after a small amount of pre-stocking, basic cotton stocks by the end of September to early October about, but the high prices of finished goods inventory, raw cotton consumption slowly.

                                        Yarn [Information]

                                        1, all cotton yarn prices continued sluggish gloomy, some varieties of prices are still falling, some large textile companies have shut down holiday sales slightly better carded yarn, combed prices fall slightly.

                                        2, imported yarn oversupply, supply hoarding in many ports, no stamps cheap yarn in the local market predominate.

                                        3, although some cotton factory operating rate is still declining, but there are some manufacturers to increase capacity, market participants generally no confidence in the market outlook, sentiment is strong. Downstream adequate supply of cotton fabric, many stocks in the hands of business users greater amount of reactive printing is shipped loose upholstery, complete product sales flat.

                                        4, according to Chinese Customs, China's total imports of cotton yarn in July of about 156,000 tons, an increase of 11%, down 21%. 1-7 months, China imported a total of 1.143 million tons of cotton yarn, the cumulative total of the first decline year on year, a 1.7 percent decrease.

                                        5, Foshan little change in the volume of pure cotton yarn market, cotton prices remain stable. Conventional varieties traded 40 major cotton combed cotton carded 21, 16 cotton carded yarn, air spinning ring 7 and 10.

                                        6, shengze all cotton market generally stable weak, pure polyester yarn prices showing consolidation, cotton yarn prices temporarily stable product. Dynamic display from the market, all cotton J21s, 32s sales are still acceptable, other specifications relatively calm.

                                        [Cloth / fabric Information]

                                        1, cotton fabric stable market conditions in some areas, sales slightly undulating. Big Yao C 67 32 * 21 133 * 78 twill 10.4 yuan / m.

                                        2, the small-scale manufacturers operating difficulties, high inventory, slow digestion, cotton bulk purchasing discount obvious. Big Yao C 63 40 * 40 127 * 79 satin 8.1 yuan / m.

                                        3, which are localized in the autumn and winter thick cotton fabric turnover has risen, where the bulk of the transaction to conventional cloth, khaki and denim-based, some common patterns of cut flowers and small jacquard class has a small single sample. Overall industry operating rates decline slowed, and even restore the machine full of individual manufacturers, sales atmosphere has warmed up, some more basic customer resources by a single factory production, inventory digestion accelerated. Parts of the autumn and winter knit flannel go smoothly, the latter promising deal.

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